Sinta Tantra: The Lightclub of Batavia

Until Sunday 7 July


Description & further information

“A beautiful ambience in dialogue with the drama of the space.” – Wallpaper*

“Infusing the light-filled rooms with a slice of Balinese moonlight.” – Culturalee

Sinta Tantra: The Lightclub of Batavia at Pitzhanger Manor presents a stunning visual journey, part of the ‘Artists at Home’ series in Sir John Soane’s historic residence. Tantra’s site-specific geometric paintings and sculptures, described as ‘painting on an architectural scale’, engage vividly with Soane’s neo-classical architecture, creating a dynamic conversation between contemporary art and historical elegance.

The exhibition includes a mix of Tantra’s new and existing works, showcasing iridescent gold and Prussian blue paintings along with brass sculptures. These artworks, reflecting the day’s changing light and the seasons, offer a sensory experience echoing Soane’s use of stained glass in the Manor. Tantra’s deep interest in Soane’s design is evident, especially in six new miniature paintings displayed in the manor’s library, whose geometric designs harmonise with Soane’s architectural style.

Inspired by Paul Scheerbart’s novel ‘The Light Club of Batavia’, the exhibition delves into themes of light, wealth, and the complexities of beauty and colonialism. Gold, a central element in Tantra’s work, represents energy and vanity, reflecting her intrigue with its multifaceted meanings. Personal narratives are infused into her art, with silhouettes traced from sketches of her family’s home in Ubud, Bali.

Tantra’s exhibition enhances Pitzhanger Manor’s historical ambience with contemporary flair, redefining perceptions of space and history. It’s a testament to her ability to intertwine personal and historical narratives within her art.

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