Inside Out 2

Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out 2” returns to the mind of newly minted teenager Riley just as headquarters is undergoing a sudden demolition to make room for something entirely unexpected: new Emotions! Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who’ve long been running a successful operation by all accounts, aren’t sure how to feel when Anxiety… Continue reading Inside Out 2

A Quiet Place: Day One

As New York City is invaded by alien creatures who hunt by sound, a woman named Sammy fights to survive. Witness where it all began in this electrifying apocalyptic thriller prequel from writer John Krasinski, starring Lupita Nyong’o (Us, Black Panther).

Deadpool & Wolverine

The hotly anticipated (and completely outrageous) Deadpool & Wolverine officially lands at Ealing Project this July. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman as the perfect superhero duo, this is anything but your standard crime-fighting comedy caper. After all, everyone deserves a happy ending.

I’m Still Here + Q&A

This special one-off screening with be followed by a Q&A with the creative team, guests TBC. March 2020, people around the world were ordered to stay at home. For those with no home to go to an already desperate situation quickly became life threatening; everything and everyone had gone. I’M STILL HERE is a film… Continue reading I’m Still Here + Q&A

PREVIEW: Orlando, My Political Biography (Pride 2024)

From acclaimed writer and activist Paul B. Preciado, ORLANDO: MY POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY is a bold and joyous celebration of trans identity, told through the lens of Virginia Woolf’s iconic novel. Woolf’s Orlando follows the centuries-spanning life of a young nobleman who awakens to find that they a woman. Almost a century after its publication, Preciado… Continue reading PREVIEW: Orlando, My Political Biography (Pride 2024)

Pride 2024: God’s Own Country

Johnny Saxby (Josh O’Connor) works long hours on his family’s remote farm in the north of England. He numbs the daily frustration of his lonely existence with nightly binge drinking at the local pub and casual sex. But when a handsome Romanian migrant worker (Alec Secareanu) arrives to take up temporary work on the family… Continue reading Pride 2024: God’s Own Country

Outdoor Cinema at Gunnersbury Park – Dirty Dancing

Join us this Summer for a weekend extravaganza of Outdoor Cinema! Kicking it off with Dirty Dancing. Spending the summer at a Catskills resort with her family, Frances “Baby” Houseman falls in love with the camp’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle. This Outdoor Cinema screening will take place at: Gunnersbury Park: Gunnersbury Park House, Popes Lane,… Continue reading Outdoor Cinema at Gunnersbury Park – Dirty Dancing

Outdoor Cinema at Gunnersbury Park – Stop Making Sense

The greatest concert film of all time, Stop Making Sense brings to the screen Talking Heads at Hollywood’s Pantages Theater in December 1983: David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz, and Jerry Harrison, alongside an ecstatic ensemble of supporting musicians. Renowned filmmaker Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs) captures the band at their exhilarating best, in… Continue reading Outdoor Cinema at Gunnersbury Park – Stop Making Sense

Outdoor Cinema at Gunnersbury Park – 10 Things I Hate About You

On the first day at his new school, Cameron instantly falls for Bianca, but his uncool status as the new kid isn’t the only thing preventing him from asking her out: Bianca is forbidden to date until her older sister Kat does too – and the fiery feminist Kat’s got no plans to do so.… Continue reading Outdoor Cinema at Gunnersbury Park – 10 Things I Hate About You

reDiscover: Kubrick Season – 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY

Heralded in 1968 as the most striking sci-fi film ever, Stanley Kubrick’s epic meditation on human evolution shines brilliantly almost half a decade later. First, a mysterious monolith is discovered by prehistoric, ape-like hominids. Then, it’s the 21st century: a scientist (William Sylvester) landing on the moon discovers an identical obelisk. Eighteen months later, a… Continue reading reDiscover: Kubrick Season – 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY

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